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Water usage has been increasing worldwide at approximately 1% per year since the 1980s, and this trend is expected to continue until at least 2050. Population growth, socio-economic development and climate change are expected to mean that more people face shortages of water.

Water conservation approaches need to be in unison with industry and regulatory compliance, so Platinum Facilities has been training Water Champions to help our customers identify conservation opportunities, understand the risk factors and to take actions as appropriate. Reducing water usage saves money, enhances the reputation of the business and demonstrates environmental sustainability awareness through natural resource preservation.
Opportunities can exist through educating employees or service partners to eliminate or reduce water usage, reducing leaks, improving water efficiencies of fittings, such as toilets, or recycling water so it can be used several times. Careful planning is needed to ensure that approaches are well managed and carried out safely.

Collecting as much data as possible on water usage, utilising multiple meters, and cost (supply cost, sewage cost, discharge licenses etc) allows the largest opportunities to be identified, together with the budget available for investment.

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Picture shows Water Champion Training carried out in February