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We are delighted to have launched Quantec Analytics which enables remote monitoring of building systems and equipment to enhance overall building performance. The solution automatically analyses building energy and equipment performance data to identify issues and faults, presenting the improvement opportunities and actions required in simple dashboards. As well as enhancing the comfort of building users, this provides bottom-line savings and meaningful management insight.

Platinum Quantec Analytics has been designed with the three key focus areas of people, building and data, and how these interact, and to bring improvements driven by appropriate key performance indicators. The data is presented so it is understandable by all, tailored to suit the property, and is actionable at all levels, allowing data driven decision making.

Glen Cardinal, Managing Director Platinum Facilities commented: “Quantec Analytics provides an overview of the key issues with building systems, the major opportunities for improvement and the actions needed in a couple of dashboards. This can bring significant cost savings at the same time as improving the comfort and wellbeing of building occupiers. The remote monitoring has enabled us to bring benefits to major building managers during the lockdown period and we are now ensuring systems support a safe employee return.”