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Mark Barrett, Platinum Facilities’ Portfolio Supervisor, has been awarded a Dare Devil Partner Award by our client Ashdown Phillips.

Mark received an emergency call to attend one of the buildings in the Ashdown Phillips portfolio, as a fire had broken out in the basement. An HV transformer box joint had exploded, resulting in a shock wave which damaged 4 fire doors, and caused the fire within the UKPN substation in the building.

Mark rushed across London and was met by a significant number of fire appliances. He worked with the Fire Brigade officers to help them tackle the emergency, including providing keys and building plans, isolating necessary services and switching off the fire alarm to allow effective communication. The Fire Brigade managed to confine the fire to the basement, and extinguish it.

Once the emergency was over, Mark worked with the Ashdown Phillips building team and other service providers, such as the cleaning company, to get the building operational again. Two very long days and a great deal of hard work meant that the building tenants were able to return to their offices during the day after the fire.

Congratulations Mark on your hard work and being recognised with this award.