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Our May Energy Legislation Update covers changes to Lighting Legislation and Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

The Government banned the sale of Tungsten Halogen light bulbs in September 2021, because of their energy inefficiency. LED alternatives save over 90% of the energy consumed and last at least 5 times longer. Linear Halogen R7 Lamps were banned from sale at the same time, and T8 Fluorescent Tubes and compact fluorescents are to be banned from sale in September 2023.


Since 2018, a minimum EPC rating of E has been in place for new building tenancies, but from 1st April 2023 this is set to change and the same rule will apply to all existing leases. This means that it will be unlawful for a landlord to continue to let a commercial property with an EPC rating of less than E. The Government is aiming to raise the requirements further and landlords who do not comply could face fines up to £150,000.


For further information, please download our Energy Legislation Update flyer here.

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