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Amy Lancaster celebrates International Womens DayIt’s International Women’s Day and the theme is Choose to Challenge. Challenge drives change and helps to forge a gender equal world. We’re raising awareness and celebrating women’s achievements in male dominated fields today and we were delighted to catch up with Amy Lancaster, one of Platinum Facilities’ Fabric Engineers, for a chat about equality and why she chose a career in engineering.

What does International Woman’s Day mean to you? It is a powerful and inspiring day for all women across the world to help increase awareness of the importance of equality.

Why did you choose to become an Engineer? I have grown up with my dad being a Mechanic, so I have always had an interest and wanted to be hands on.

Why, in your opinion, should more women take up a career in Engineering? Because it’s not just a role for men, it’s for all in every type of way. It is more than heavy lifting, it’s about using your brain and being analytical.

What made you chose to work in what is traditionally deemed to be a male dominated environment? To show that not all women are weak and that women are just as mechanically minded as men.

What struggles have you encountered from an equality perspective in your career to date? That men think they are better at lifting heavy then me, which I have proven wrong. Size and gender doesn’t matter it’s all about technique.

How do you feel Platinum Facilities manages equality? Very well. I am treated the same as everyone, at Platinum there is no difference in treatment.

What do you think we can do to achieve equality? Get more women involved in equality issues and raise awareness for women to not be afraid and encourage them to live for their passion and dreams.

Why do you support women’s empowerment and gender equality? I support gender equality purely because I have a lot of transgender friends and female friends who have suffered inequality purely based on their gender, and that needs to change.

Many thanks to Amy for her time.