Non-intrusive monitoring avoids the need to shut down plant and disrupt your business


Our business-focused approach to maintenance delivers enhanced statutory compliance using the latest technology while ensuring your assets are working to optimum effect, enhancing their lifecycle, reducing costs and enabling your organisation to focus on its core business.

We provide three leading service delivery models which can be adapted to suit your needs:


Platinum Business Focused Maintenance (PBFM) is built on ISO 55001. We use the gap analysis process from the Institute of Asset Management, supported by condition based monitoring techniques such as vibration analysis and thermography. This enhanced service offers complete piece of mind. Read more... 

Platinum Business Focused Maintenance (PBFM) is built on ISO 55001 to which we are now certified.


Platinum Prescribed Maintenance (PPM) is based on the industry standard B&ES SFG20 prescribed maintenance schedules. Using detailed labour loading data and task schedules from the standard, we combine the asset information and service level requirements provided by you to craft an annual PPM planner and generate work tasks through our CAFM system. This is our standard service offering.


Platinum Customer Compliance Maintenance (PCCM) is built upon statutory and legal governance, which ensures that you stay legally compliant with corporate real estate and building services legislation. The maintenance is scheduled through our CAFM system, with a client access function. Statutory certificates are kept in a Knowledge Bank, a central depository for building information. This is our base level service offering.